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Abiola Benjamin Obayomi

Abiola Benjamin Obayomi

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Real Estate is my Profession. The change we need in Nigeria begins with all of us doing things differently. Collectively, we can make Nigeria work.

Abiola Benjamin Obayomi Abiola Benjamin ObayomiAbiola Benjamin ObayomiAbiola Benjamin ObayomiAbiola Benjamin Obayomi

Marital Status: Married
Company:Kingdom Pathwalker Inspirationals

Location:Ile-Ife, Osun State
Joined: 4 years ago
Total Articles Published: 245 Articles
Total Featured Articles: 174 Articles
Article Niches: 48 Areas
Total Article Views: 231,519
Witicles Author Rank: Abiola Benjamin Obayomi is a Veteran Writer on Witicles.comVeteran Author

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Author's Recent Articles

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    * Saraki Impeachment Plot: How Easy Can It Be?    
    * Who Is Afraid of Bukola Saraki?    
    * Police Brutality: A Menace To Our Collective Existence    
    * Ekiti Elections: The Tragedy of The Commons And Death of Democracy In Nigeria    
    * Fayose And Fayemi: Two Sides of A Bad Coin    
    * Leah Sharibu: The Tragedy of Kidnap And Faith Not Renounced    
    * The Opinion of A Lazy Nigerian Youth    
    * Goodluck Jonathan's Dangerous Precedence: A Setup For Muhammadu Buhari    
    * Like Chibok Like Dapchi: How Nigerian Girl-Child Has Become A Pawn In The Hands of Nigerian Politici    
    * How Federal Government Is Servicing Boko Haram, Others’ Greed    
    * Billy Graham; Preacher To Millions, Adviser To Presidents, Dies At 99    
    * Unmasking Your True Identity: Who Do People Say That I Am? Who Really Are You?    
    * Oby Ezekwesili’s 2019 Agenda: Why I Support To Campaign Against PDP And APC    
    * The Power Of Words: Who Said What To You?    

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