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Five Businesses You Can Run With Your Job

By GclefAmplified       Mar 14, 2016

Five Businesses You Can Run With Your Job

Five businesses you can run with your job

As a follow up to the post I wrote yesterday, I will be presenting a list of five businesses that you can conveniently run together with your job. The aim is to ensure you build something you can fall back on in the event that you lose your job or you are retired without a plan.

1 Real estate: you do not have to be a mogul in the real estate business to do it on the side. I am sure many people are pretty intimidated by such a large sounding word but it is not as difficult as it is made to seem. With a small initial capital you can do some prospecting and buy a property of your choice. One thing you keep in mind is that land always appreciates and upon your retirement, if you have enough in your portfolio, you can always sell to make a tidy profit. You can even have a personal land acquisition scheme where you will save a certain amount yearly and at the end of each year you buy a property. It may be a bit inconvenient at first but imagine if you do this for 30 years, it means you automatically have 30 pieces of real estate and the profits you will make upon each will be mind boggling.

2 Blogging: For the technologically savvy, you may decide to go into Blogging. One thing you must take into notice however is that you have to put a lot of efforts in it at first and on the long run you can make a lot out of it. You do not have to blog about entertainment, but you can write on anything that interests you and still make a living from it. As with other offline businesses, dedication and consistency are key to achieving success.

3 Poultry: The economy of Nigeria is fast moving from an import dependent economy to one focused on products made here in Nigeria. The focus now is on agriculture and poultry farming is booming. If you are meticulous and interested in animal breeding, poultry farming is your best bet. On a small scale or on a large scale the size of your investment determines the profit you will reap.

4 Fish farming: also in line with the point above, fish farming is another lucrative area of agriculture you can conveniently pursue along with your job. You may even decide to do it in your backyard or in an abandoned secure parcel of land. Dedication is key to being successful in it.

5 Importation: Though there are various restrictions on import right now, there are still some items that can be legally imported and which also have a large market. At the convenience of your home, you can order for these items and they will be delivered to your doorstep. All you have to do is locate a market and supply as is needed. There are a number of free reports online that can help you in your quest to succeed in this business. Ensure however that you are safe while shopping online by going through the security tips from your financial institution.

You can go through the points above and when you see the area that interests you, make sure you carry out adequate research and do not rush into it. 
Do share this article with a friend, you never know who will need it.

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GclefAmplified GclefAmplifiedGclefAmplifiedGclefAmplifiedGclefAmplified



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