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Bean Bags - Add Style and Comfort to your Home Effortlessly

By Preeti Kumari       Nov 30, 2015

Bean Bags - Add Style and Comfort to your Home Effortlessly

It’s a myth that a well-decorated home is always comfortable. And it’s called a myth, because it is not always like that. You can have the most lavish place, but which lacks in cosiness. On the other hand, you have a nice, cosy place that is not that posh, but comfortable enough to stay in. Amidst your modern furniture, and decorative showpieces, there is one thing that you can add to pep up your place, and give it a laid-back touch – a bean bag. It is the perfect way to add style to any room, and strike the perfect balance between comfort and trend, making it a must-have.

How to choose a bean bag ?

Whether it your bed room, living room, or the outdoors, a bean bag can be placed anywhere you want. They not only make your place appear cosy, but also ensure that your home ranks high on style. Use it as your go-to place to read, or make your guests feel comfortable during a house party, having one or more in your home is always a good idea. There are certain factors that you should consider before buying one for yourself. These include fabric, size, fill, design and colour. Once you have a consent in these, you can go ahead and get the perfect one. What’s more, you can buy bean bags with beans online from the comfort of your home.


The fabric depends on the purpose of buy to a great extent. For instance, if you want one for a usual setup, and that which you can take from one room to another, use it for gaming, and generally don’t need to be careful with, you can go for faux leather ones made of PVC, that give you the impression of real leather, barring the price tag. If you want one to match your lavish setup with, faux suede which is made of pure polyester is a popular choice. Its soft-to-touch fabric and velvety texture makes it a modish addition to your home. For the outdoors, a polyester bean bag covers is ideal, as it doesn’t require too much maintenance and care. All you have to do is wipe it clean with a soft cloth and water, and it will look new as before. For kids, cotton ones are a good idea, as they are sturdy, soft and colourful. Some of the other fabrics include Barkweave, micro-plush and chenille.


Most of the bean bag chairs are filled with polystyrene beads to give you a lounge-like experience at home. These are usually light and make the chair flexible. Filling your bean bag with this will help you sit comfortably, without affecting your posture or your back. This will also help you get rid of back pains, and welcome a firm yet supportive seat. Another choice is the shredded polyurethane foam that is durable and soft.

Size, shape and colour

When it comes to size and shape, you can choose from footstool, sofa, lounger, standard and teardrop. All you have to do is make sure that the size and shape you choose is comfortable and doesn’t strain any part of your body. As for the colour, you can go for a bright or neutral one, as per your home décor.

Add one to your home, and you wouldn’t want to get out of your place.


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