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Olatunde Adesegun AroloyeOlatunde Adesegun Aroloye
Medical Laboratory Assistant in a University Health Centre. Born in England, but never furthered beyond Ordinary Level. I have nonetheless expanded my knowledge on my own, and become learned in the th
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From Ile-Ife, Nigeria.
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# Definition of a True Christian Church.

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Article Category >>>Church Identity & Purpose

Definition of a True Christian Church.

By Olatunde Adesegun Aroloye       Dec 05, 2014

Definition of a True Christian Church.

Greetings. Please believe that your reading this article is no accident. You are being opportuned to gain Knowledge that will alter your Spiritual Destiny, and change your life for the better. This is not to imply that you will be able to gain or retain all of the things you have hitherto thought make life worth living. I cannot guarantee that you will remain nor become more comfortable.

.   LUKE 6:20-26.

YOU KNOW THE TYPE OF LIFE offered you by the popular Church Ministers, whom everyone speaks well of- that you will be able to attain your ambitions, rack-up wealth, and be admired by all?

Well, that is not what I am presenting. I am presenting you with The Truth- and if you think that you do not like It, I assure you, that you will inevitably come in contact with people who will like It a whole lot less than you do- if they don't already.

World-famous Evangelist, ORAL ROBERTS, once prayed, at the beginning of his Ministry:

"How can I know Jesus?"

He was answered- these people like to assure us that they talk with God any time they want- and HE talks back to them- just like the Prophets of Old:

"READ MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE, JOHN, and THE BOOK OF ACTS- three times in thirty days!"

His "chariot-driver," KENNETH COPELAND, who went on to become a World-renowned Bible Teacher himself, said that he did it on his knees.

At the end of the thirty days, he testified that he now knew Jesus, better than he knew any man on the face of The Earth!

I was very impressed with the content of this Revelation- but not with its execution.
If you do not know the details of Oral Roberts' Ministry, you should research them.

You should, at the same time be prepared for a huge let-down.

There is a huge problem in American Christian Ministry- the problem is very simple- but since it is covered over with several blunt and basic lies, you may, like myself, waste years to see what is obvious to non-Christian Unbelievers.

To get to the point, the root of the problem is this: the famous American Christians do not "Know Jesus," nor do they want to "know Jesus."

LUKE 10:17-24.

JESUS MADE IT QUITE CLEAR, that "knowing HIM," and "knowing GOD, His Father," are a very big dealm indeed. You do not just read The Gospels for thirty days, and say that you "know Jesus."

JOHN 8:19.

19. Then said they unto him,
"Where is thy Father?"
Jesus answered,
"Ye neither know me, nor my Father:
if ye had known me,
ye should have known my Father also."


JOHN 14:1-9.

TO KNOW JESUS IS TO KNOW GOD, AND VICE-VERSA; to know God is to know Jesus- if you know what God is, and what God does, then you would recognize that Jesus must be his Son, just as he said he was.

Jesus did not say that he was God- he never said that he was God.

Other people said that he was God- Jesus never acknowledged that. Ever.

He then had the unfortunate experience of seeing people who acclaimed him as equal to God, totally ignore his Commandments and Teachings. They were used to buttering and flattering fellow Sinners. They assumed that they could handle The Son of God like any other fellow Hypocrite!

Just fake him out with a few flatteries, and he would be hypnotized into doing whatever they wanted! They were bitterly disappointed, when it did not work!

MATTHEW 19:22.

22. But when the young man heard that saying,
he went away sorrowful: for he had Great Possessions.



.   JOB 28:28.

28. "And unto Man He said,
'Behold, the Fear of The Lord, that is Wisdom;
and to depart from Evil is Understanding.' "

IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND, it is only because you have not departed from Evil.
Your mind has to operate on a different level from that of the Sinner.

A lazy person can say that they cannot solve Jesus' Riddles, and needs everything to be spooned to them with a teaspoon, so to speak. In our Culture, it is considered very bad for you, to volunteer your intuition- your innermost thoughts.

That is the product of a SORCERY-ABUSIVE CIVILIZATION- the use and overuse of Witchcraft and Sorcery. Our Unbelievers fear that they will be attacked- because they have good reason to so fear.

In The Kingdom of God, we have no time for that sort of rubbish.

Therefore, you do your best to come up with answers, and apply them- and if you were wrong, then you learned something! It should not take you very long.

But if you sit around begging for answers from the people who did do the Math- you will be chained up like a dog!

Everybody knows the famous saying of Jesus:

"You shall know The Tryth, and The Truth shall set you free!"

That is not what the REAL Bible says.

Anyone that says "The Truth shall set you free," is an Enemy Agent, quoting from their fake Bible.

.    JOHN 8:31-32.

31. Then said Jesus to those Jews
which believed on him,
"If ye continue in my word,
then are ye my Disciples indeed;
32. "And ye shall know The Truth,
and The Truth shall make you free."

THE ENEMY- Satanic Undercover Agents and Assets have learned to mimic our Quotations and Usage. They will like to misquote John 8:32.

"You shall know The Truth, and The Truth shall make you free!"

If you are such an idiot as to fall for that, you will spend decades in bondage to them, begging them to please tell you what The Truth is, so that you can be free.

What exactly made you think that they knew any such Truth?

If you ask these wicked souls "How do you know The Truth?" they should be very happy trhat you fell into their trap- because you will be one of those lazy idiots that does not bother to read The Bible for themselves, but needs someone to lead you by the hand- and maybe tuck you in at night!

I am telling you- who are just starting out, and have no inkling of what really goes on in The Churches- that there are people who follow these extremely wicked charlatans for decades, looking for THE TRUTH THAT MAKES FREE- and many of them die along the way, and never have those decades. Like what is going on in the Islamic Terrorist Zones- supposed Christians butchered like cattle. Only because they were not free, and only because they did not have THE TRUTH.

In John 8:31, Jesus told us exactly what to do, in order to KNOW THE TRUTH: we have to CONTINUE IN HIS WORD!

This is NOT what they teach in Churches so far.

It will be more difficult to mislead a Christian, after you have taught their lazy idiot selves, that TO KNOW THE TRUTH, CONTINUE IN JESUS' WORD- but if they are idiotic enough, it can be done. It has to be done, because some peoople do discover The Way to The Truth- and if there were no way to handle them, we should have been in THE MILLENNIUM since about fifty years ago.

There are therefore concerted and orchestrated plans to handle people who, by accident or design, learn how to know Jesus, for real.


.   1st JOHN 2:3-6.

THERE WILL BE THOSE DOPEY ENOUGH to think that they "Know The Truth," because they know that Jesus once said: "I am The Way, The Tuth, and The Life..." These people are fond of words, but they refrain from applying these Words to The Real World, in order to maintain their delusion that they have anything with Jesus.

If what you know does not liberate you from bondage, it is not "The Truth!"

It is that simple!


.   ACTS 11:26.

26. And when he had found him, he brought him unto Antioch.
And it came to pass, that a whole year they assembled themselves with the Church,
and taught much people. And the Disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.


ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE, only a DISCIPLE OF JESUS is qualified to be called a "Christian." People who use the Name of Jesus to enslave people have a much broader definition of the terms "Christian" and "Disciple" in order to include people who are not fit.


MATTHEW 7:12-29.


"You are JUDGING! Jesus said, "Judge not!" "


When people tell you, that GOD said this, or JESUS said that- ALWAYS DEMAND FOR THE EXACT SCRIPTURE, IMMEDIATELY. If they cannot give it to you, you have exposed a SPY in your midst. It is very important for you to understand that there is an organized opposition to True Christianity, and one of their means of attack, is to send False Christians to join Churches, and introduce lies, and neutralize Truth.

Someone has to be lazy and foolish to fall for these lies, but that is the way New Converts are recruited these days. They are taught that they do not have to work hard, nor know everything, but just do whatever they are told, and they will "make it to Heaven!"

"Church" means "Congregation," which basically means a gathering of people who have in common that they are Disciples of Jesus. The prevailing Church Theory has been that two or three people can constitute a Church.

That is patently ridiculous on several levels.

.   MATTHEW 18:18-20.


Please, think about that.

If you are only three persons who Believe in Jesus in a region, either you are compromizing The Gospel, or else you are compromizing The Gospel. If no more converts can be made in that region, you should up and leave, to where The Gospel of Jesus is received. That, of course, is not what False Christian Churches will want. They will want you to hang in there, and make converts for them.

.   GENESIS 18:18-33.

IN JEWISH TRADITION, TEN MEN- and obviously, ten RIGHTEOUS men, at that- are required to start a Synagogue- or any other Spiritual Project. This group is called a MINYAN.

If ten men are not present in a Synagogue, The TORAH Scroll cannot be opened.

I learned about this Doctrine for the first time, after being a Born Again, Full Gospel Christian for over twenty-five years, from an ANTI-PENTECOSTAL Prescher named JOHN MacARTHUR Junior. No Pentecostal Christian ever mentioned this to me,. The person who had downloaded this sermon from ther Internet, and broadcast it throughout the Office, to show us what a GOOD CHRISTIAN he was, FORGOT ALL ABOUT IT, shortly afterward.

I brought up the term "MINYAN," and he had no idea what I was talking about!

It meant nothing to him.


PSALM 137:1-4.

WHEN ANCIENT JEWS FOUND THEMSELVES IN A NEW CITY, THE FIRST THING THEY'D WANT TO DO, WAS FIND THE SYNAGOGUE. If it emerged that there was no synagogue, they would go down to the banks of the river outside the city, and weep and pray, until there were ten of them. Then they would go and build their synagogue.


According to Jewish Belief, a manifestation of God, called the SHECKINAH is present, when there are ten Righteous men present.

This implies that an authentic Church cannot be begun nor held with less than ten Righteous Brethren, As many might not know, it is possible to go through thousands of churches, without finding a single "righteous" person in said churches!

.   MATTHEW 5:13-20.

A RIGHTEOUS PERSON is one who  does and Teaches The Commnandments and Will of God- but does not attain HOLINESS- but KNOWS THE VALUE OF HOLINESS.


.   REVELATION 22:11.

11. "He that is UNJUST, let him be Unjust still:
and he which is FILTHY, let him be Filthy still:
and he that is RIGHTEOUS, let him be Righteous still:
and he that is HOLY, let him be Holy still."


A True Christian is therefore someone who is at least a Righteous Follower of Jesus, if not HOLY. While a Church is a gathering of at least ten such Christians..


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Olatunde Adesegun AroloyeAbout Olatunde Adesegun Aroloye
Olatunde Adesegun Aroloye Olatunde Adesegun AroloyeOlatunde Adesegun AroloyeOlatunde Adesegun AroloyeOlatunde Adesegun Aroloye

  Medical Laboratory Assistant in a University Health Centre. Born in England, but never furthered beyond Ordinary Level. I have nonetheless expanded my knowledge on my own, and become learned in the things which should truly matter in life, namely, the Spirit, and the Mind. Becoming a Born Again Full Gospel Christian at 19, I have augmented my Faith with the Spiritual and Mental Teachings of Carlos Castaneda and Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, to create an invincible Doctrine of Life, destined to initiate the redundancy of all others.

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Definition of a True Christian Church.Definition of a True Christian Church.Definition of a True Christian Church.Definition of a True Christian Church.

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