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Gboyega AdedejiGboyega Adedeji
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The Grand Secret of Effectiveness in Life, Leadership & Relationships: What Separates Few From Many

By Gboyega Adedeji       Dec 08, 2015

The Grand Secret of Effectiveness in Life, Leadership & Relationships: What Separates Few From Many

I promise not to take too much of your time here; but I must address very important questions in your heart and in the hearts of many people in your family, neighbourhood, city and country. Everyone bears this question everywhere; yet very few are getting answers. Do you know why few people get answers? Only few really ask the right questions; and only a very few direct their questions to the right quarters. I must admit that while multitudes bear their questions everywhere they go; very few seek for answers. 


Do you know that it is one thing to have a burning question in your heart; and it another thing to ask a burining questions. many people are curious about the reason for certain occurrence in their lives; many people cannot figure out why things go the way they in their marriage and even in their leadership; however, only few men and women are audacious enough to ask the right question from the right authority.


Nobody knows a man or woman that knows nothing about what he or she does not know. During our last Purpose & Destiny Conference at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife in the month of November; I said something when God opened my mind to His secret: "You are not known because your purpose is not known to you!" That is the truth! many of us seek easier lives; more fulfilling career; blissful marriages; and financial independence; yet very few people are willing to know why they are living; what they are living for; and the things that were given freely to them to help them do what they were living for. 


I am of the opinion that the first thing in every effective leadership is the discovery of its purpose. Your marriage cannot also be well established and flourished if you have not sat down at any time to uncover the purpose of your marriage. Your finances will equally suffer if all you do daily is to look for money; without knowing why you need it. Perhaps, we have been looking for money; while money is looking for people in purpose. You can wish yourself well from morning till evening; but the secret that produce wellness in every life are not available on surface -  they are buried in the earth; and until you take your time to dig them up; you will suffer for nothing!


That your wedding that is overwhelming in your heart will actually come to pass, but when it has passed; who will you be and what will you be doing? Do you know that the world is not short of weddings; but short of marriages. I believe very strongly that the pain of the devil is not that you get married; but that you stay married. The devil is equally not overwhelmed by the number of men and women that claim divine call to the work of ministry; he is rather frustrated by the works of men and women who know the purposes of their call; the nature and authority of their Caller and are daily fulfilling those purposes!

Since I promised to be brief in this article; I will conclude with this challenge: Your life is only different by the pursuit of your unique purpose. Seeking to become a Doctor, Lawyer, an Accountant or a Lecturer will only make you another Doctor, another Lawyer or another Accountant. And your willingness to marry without the full understanding of the purpose of your union with that woman or man will only make you another married couple (or the latest married couple) in town. Only purpose can separate two children born same day with identical stature and appearance. Your purpose is your secret for distinction. Make effort to find it; and once you lay your hands on it - hold it tight till you become a phenomenon in your generation! I really hope to see you fulfilling your reason your living, leading and serving as God's representative on earth.


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Gboyega AdedejiAbout Gboyega Adedeji
Gboyega Adedeji Gboyega AdedejiGboyega AdedejiGboyega AdedejiGboyega Adedeji


Gboyega Adedeji is an inspiring teacher and writer. He is committed strongly to the development of effective leaders across generations and denominations.

He is an author of many books, writer of many articles and coach of many leaders!

He leads at LeaderSoil

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