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Ana SmithAna Smith
Hi, I'm Ana Smith from USA, I love to travel & explore different countries and continents. I came to India and found it to be a wonderful and unique country with unity in diversity, different t
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Enjoy Luxurious Train Tour of India

By Ana Smith       Sep 03, 2016

Enjoy Luxurious Train Tour of India

From ancient times, Indian Railways have entranced intrigued authors, entranced dreamers, inspired filmmakers and even tourists who love to see India from deep by experiencing its local life. Covering a long distance from East to west and from north to south, Indian Railways is the support for more than 20 million daily passengers and 17000 trains operating on 65000 km of track at different speeds, different types of trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duranto, Gatiman, Super fast, Express and Passenger trains. Toy trains are also run at some stations from Kalka to Shimla and in Darjeeling that is UNESCO Treasure Now.

Royal Trains to Cover Imperial Destinations
There are some trains too that are run to let tourists feel the real pleasure of their holidays by staying in the most comfy rail coaches - converted into 5-star hotel rooms, dining on board or at the time of moving train and enjoy a variety of other facilities. These trains cover some of the most popular destinations of the country as well. Maharaja Express train tour, Golden Chariot trains, Palace on Wheels Train, etc are different luxurious trains covering some parts of Rajasthan, Southern India and various other historical sites.

The Palace on Wheels - Synonyms with Royal Style and Most Luxurious Holidaying Experience
Some wonderful train tours are operated in India to cover prime holiday destinations. Choosing the right one is an important decision to make. Some of them are run to cover the prime attractions of Rajasthan - the royal state. The Palace on Wheels is a train run to cover the prime holiday destinations, historical sites and main attractions of Rajasthan along with Taj Mahal - One of The Seven Wonders of the World. It is the gateway of splendid and enchanting royal journey through the bygone era of the erstwhile Maharajas. This train cruises in royal style and provide you feeling of royal lifestyle.

Maharaja Express Train
It is also another wonderful option redefining the luxury travel experience by offering guests the opportunity of exploring fabled destinations of the country by endowing a glimpse of rich cultural heritage of incredible India that will leave you with loving memories of the train journey to be appreciated. This train is another name of luxury where you will also get the royal treatment and pleasure that you have missed earlier.

The Golden Chariot Train - A Chariot in Luxury and Comfort with Good Train Speed
It is another wonderful train to keep you spell bound. The Golden Chariot train connects the important spots in the Indian states of Kerala, Goa, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka as well as Pondicherry. It is truly covering the most fascinated destinations of the country, mainly South and Southwest India.  You have to choose the right tour package according to your choice and enjoy the best time of your holidays in a way like never before. However, price is a little bit expansive, but you will spend more time by exploring attractions in day and staying in most luxurious way in moving trains in night.


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Ana SmithAbout Ana Smith
Ana Smith Ana SmithAna SmithAna SmithAna Smith


Hi, I'm Ana Smith from USA, I love to travel & explore different countries and continents. I came to India and found it to be a wonderful and unique country with unity in diversity, different traditions, and cultures. After spending a 2 years in the country, I decided to share my India tour experiences through articles and blogs to make people aware of the wonderful destinations in India. Currently I am working with Simons Holidays as official writer.

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