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# Enjoy the Advantages of Cotton Fabric with Cotton Kurta Pyjama for Men

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Enjoy the Advantages of Cotton Fabric with Cotton Kurta Pyjama for Men

By Vishal Jaiwal       Mar 30, 2016

Enjoy the Advantages of Cotton Fabric with Cotton Kurta Pyjama for Men

 The kurta which is a traditional tunic shirt is a popular form of ethnic casual and festive wear in South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. While western forms of dressing has permeated the clothing market and gained popularity in almost all regions of the world, the kurta pyjama continues to be of importance in the South Asian garments industry. There are so many factors supporting the popularity of this traditional tunic however versatility and comfort are the first that come to mind. With summer commencing, it’s time to take the lightweight and weather friendly cotton kurta out of the closet, read further to know more about the advantages of this ethnic garment.


Cotton known for being lightweight is known to breathe better than other synthetic fabrics that are often oil based. This is a bonus for those wearing ethnic cotton tunics as it makes it easy to wear this traditional garment indoors and outdoors for long hours without breaking out in a sweat or feeling stuffy.

Easy Wash

Cotton is by far the most easily washable fabrics which is why most people prefer cotton for daily wear. The nature of the fabrics is such that it doesn’t easily retain stains and marks. Purchasing a kurta in cotton fabric insures that you have an item of clothing in your wardrobe that is easy to wear and easy to clean.


Cotton is known for being a highly durable fabric and it is no wonder why some men possess a cotton kurta pyjama in perfect wearing condition for a number of years. White cotton garments if worn and washed with care also manage to retain their brightness for a good period of time. Unlike other fabrics that are easily frayed, cotton lasts longer.

Odor Free

One can easily wear a trendy kurta in cotton fabrics and at the end of the day still remain odor free. Unlike usually synthetic fabrics that are gaining popularity in the casual wear segment, the easy breathing nature of cotton insures that it doesn’t retain body odor.

Won’t Cling to your Skin

Unlike synthetic fabrics which are the preferred choice for summer wear like T-shirt’s and jerseys, the quintessential kurta pyjama in pure cotton fabric will not cling to your skin when exposed to sweat.

Doesn’t Stretch

Many fabrics that are popular in the manufacture of casual wear are known to stretch out of shape with passage of time. One can rest be assured that a pure cotton ethnic tunic for men will retain its shape and look great even two years from date of purchase.


No matter the occasion or event, the kurta in cotton fabric is truly versatile and can be worn anywhere. One can wear this garment in its simplest form for every day wear or even get a posh embroidered version for events and festivals. This traditional garment made in cotton fabrics is truly a timeless combination of garment and fabric.






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