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Essential Blogging Conversion Rate/Landing Page Tips: One Page For One Goal

By temidayo osikoya       Dec 24, 2014

Essential Blogging Conversion Rate/Landing Page Tips: One Page For One Goal

Professional blogging requires a conversion technique to accomplish a mission or set of goals of which the bottom line is to make money.Its also applicable to all form of websites such as ecommerce. If you want your Browsers / Searchers to take some form of action, you may need to clearly define your goal for each of your pages.



To accomplish this effectively,its important you have one goal per page. This will enable your readers,browsers or searchers to come up with a quick and decisive action on your blog or website,depending on what your page content is all about.

When you have more than one goal per page, you risk creating a paralyzed mindset for browsers. Instead of browsing, they’ll leave without making any clicks or taking any action on your content. Let’s say for example,you have a blog about training dogs. And inside one of your posts,you wrote on the best meal for a particular breed of dog.It will be wiser if you stick to that topic all through your content and not deviate from it.

Some bloggers try kill two birds with a stone simply by talking about similar topics in one blog post or a content page,which most times makes the reader to over think a decision and fail to take any action at all.

What goal should a blogger or website owner have for each landing page?


Basically,there are three key blog or website pages a professional blogger should work on,which are : Home Page, Content Post/Page, and Category/Archive pages. To maximize their usefulness,or for an optimum conversion rate, each one should have a different goal.


1. Home Page – People who hit your home page are generally trying to figure out what your blog or website is all about.If you are an article writer or a publisher, it’s your freshest content. In e-commerce, it’s likely your products and information that attracts a buying decision.

2. Content Post/Page– Since the majority of your traffic will come from your blog posts or content pages(due to links and search results), the sole purpose is to turn random visitors into regular visitors. You do this by highlighting related content (editorial links) and by asking for email signups. Note that one of the highest converting spots on content blog posts is right before the article begins and right after it ends.

3. Category / Archive / Tag Pages – Like the home page, the sole purpose of these sections of your site should be to highlight the content within each category. Additionally, you may want to explain what each category is all about to help the browser understand what they’re browsing through.Now this is where most bloggers do not concentrate on.Especially its common with a newbie blogger who uses a BlogSpot blogger platform to just pick up a traditional template and start blogging.Professional blogging requires using a premium template designed to carry out various categories,archive sections for proper and easy navigation.An example is like mine you are reading now. Premium templates help to position categories and archives for blog readers and browsers to easily look for what they want. No reader would want to keep perambulating inside a blog or a website before he or she finally gets the exact information he wants. Rather,he or she will dump the blog or website and look for another well constructed blog to get information. You can search for a premium template on any blogging platform that befits your blog niche here.

There are other aspects of blogging conversion tips i will be talking about later in this section of my blog.So,kindly subscribe to my newsletters if you haven’t.Then you should also follow me on twitter here.


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temidayo osikoyaAbout temidayo osikoya
temidayo osikoya temidayo osikoyatemidayo osikoyatemidayo osikoyatemidayo osikoya


Temidayo Osikoya is a blogger,blog designer,entrepreneur. i own www.gbelepawoonline.com you can contact me on info@gbelepawoonline.com

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