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Orenusi Gbenga Gabriel

Orenusi Gbenga Gabriel
Orenusi Gbenga Gabriel Orenusi Gbenga GabrielOrenusi Gbenga GabrielOrenusi Gbenga GabrielOrenusi Gbenga Gabriel

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Work:Operations Officer
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Impacting knowledge to all...
Location:Abuja, Nigeria
Joined: 4 years ago
Total Articles Published: 11 Articles
Total Featured Articles: 0 Articles
Article Niches: 8 Areas
Sphere of Infuence:Self Improvement, Book Reviews, Inspirational,
Total Article Views: 14,487
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About Orenusi Gbenga Gabriel

A creative, skilled & talented brilliant mind, with the passion of helping people solve problems. He is a thinker and a goal getter based in Abuja and from Ogun State.

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Articles by Orenusi Gbenga Gabriel

Time: Have Control Over It, Have Control Over Your Life

Self Improvement    Published: Wednesday 6th April 2016

Have you ever questioned yourself, why you get to your school, office, church, class, date, occassion late, or why you always wake up late. Its not that its a hobby, its just that you don,t have the understanding of the importance of keeping  ....

Strategic Living: A Life Guide for Effective Living by Gboyega Adedeji

Book Reviews    Published: Monday 8th February 2016

God will always preserve your life as long as your life counts for something significant on earth. ....

The 17 Success Partners by Gboyega Adedeji

Book Reviews    Published: Monday 8th February 2016

Good success doesn’t run after those who admire it but  those who are diligent in their business. ....

Look Further: Get Answers To Your Life Questions

Inspirational    Published: Tuesday 8th December 2015

There are times that answers to your questions are sitting right in front of you, all it takes is just for you to LOOK carefully with patience and SEE. ....

Believe in Yourself

Self Improvement    Published: Thursday 26th November 2015

disappointment aren't meant to bring you down but to help you go beyond your limitations,all it takes is believe in yourself. ....

Time Management: How to Manage Your Life in Time

Time Managment    Published: Wednesday 11th November 2015

Whether we assign a specific value to it or not, time is valuable to us. Think about it: How much of your typical work week do you spend stressed about not having enough time to complete a task or reach a goal? ....

Your Smartphone Its Advantages and Disadvatages

Business and Economy    Published: Sunday 1st November 2015

Back in the days of early internet age, only computers had the capacity of completing tasks and jobs for the users but as Smartphone surfaces, Connection to internet became easier and task like business transactions, reading of emails etc have been mad ....

Purpose and Destiny Conference

Religion and Kingdom    Published: Wednesday 21st October 2015

Do you want to know why you are created on this land,on this planet earth, and what you are created for,your purpose in life and the assets that are inbuilt in you in order for you to fulfill your purpose on earth before reporting back to God at the en ....

Bible Superheroes Part 2

Arts & Entertainment    Published: Tuesday 20th October 2015

Funny Bible Facts ....

Bible Superheroes

Humour    Published: Monday 19th October 2015

Superheroes actualy exist, do you want proof, read through your bible. ....
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