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How to migrate your Visafone line to MTN

Computers & Technology    Published: Thursday 21st April 2016

It is no longer news that MTN Nigeria acquired Visafone, all Visafone sim are now powered by MTN after a successful acquisition by Africa’s largest telecom service provider MTN. Visafone users are expected to migrate manually to MTN network. ....

You Can Now Reach MTN Customer Care On WhatsApp Messenger

Computers & Technology    Published: Thursday 21st April 2016

In a way of satisfying customers, Mtn now extends their customer services to WhatsApp messenger. Now they have launched 5 dedicated Customer Care Whatsapp contact numbers for their subscribers to reach out and get their issues solved. ....

Samsung Galaxy S III explodes in a boy's bed

Arts & Entertainment    Published: Friday 15th April 2016

A three-year old Samsung Galaxy S III was left charging overnight in Kajaani, Finland, and the phone subsequently exploded. ....

Self-Filling Water Bottle Converts Humid Air into Drinkable H2O

Computers & Technology    Published: Friday 15th April 2016

Kristof Retezár, a designer based in Vienna, invented a device that can extract humidity from the air and condense it into drinkable water. The handy gadget, dubbed Fontus, can be attached to a bike so that cyclists can generate water ....

The Lizard That Walks On Water

Environment    Published: Friday 15th April 2016

Meet the Basilisk Lizard . Thanks to super speed and specially-designed feet, the basilisk lizard can run on water... an ability that makes it deadly to insects, and has led people to call it the "Jesus Christ Lizard.  ....

Which animal kills the most humans?

Environment    Published: Monday 11th April 2016

The death of an American tourist in a horrific lion attack in South Africa in the summer of 2015 was a stark reminder of the dangers that can be posed by wildlife. ....

15 Deadly Animal Facts

Environment    Published: Monday 11th April 2016

The intelligent and much loved bottlenose dolphins herd fish like dogs herd sheep, singling out weak individuals for attack. Their sophisticated echo system helps them work out how far in front and in what direction their prey is moving. ....

Olajumoke Orisaguna Is Googles Most Searched Person In Nigeria (See Full List)

People & Personalities    Published: Thursday 24th March 2016

It’s no surprise as her rise to fame took the internet by storm and she was featured on some of the world’s top media platforms like CNN, Huffington post and many more.. ....

CBN Secretly Hired 909 Staff Without Advert - Daily Trust (See Map)

Business and Economy    Published: Wednesday 16th March 2016

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) recruited 909 staff in two years without advertising the vacancies, Daily Trust investigations have revealed. The whole affair is now a subject of investigation by the Federal Character Commission (FCC) to d ....

CHINA Seeks More Crude Oil Exports From Nigeria

Arts & Entertainment    Published: Monday 14th March 2016

China is seeking more crude oil exports from Nigeria in spite of the recent changes in oil prices, the Chinese Embassy’s Economic and Commercial Counsellor, Mr Zao Ling Xiang, said at the weekend ....

Five Businesses You Can Run With Your Job

Jobs & Careers    Published: Monday 14th March 2016

 I will be presenting a list of five businesses that you can conveniently run together with your job. The aim is to ensure you build something you can fall back on in the event that you lose your job or you are retired without a plan. ....

How to Get Multi-Window Multitasking on Any Android Phone or Tablet

Mobile Phones & Tablets    Published: Friday 11th March 2016

Multi-window multitasking is found on some Samsung devices, where it only works with specific apps. You can also use special floating apps&n ....

How to fix Windows 7 Not Genuine Error Fix This copy of Windows is not genuine Problem - See mor

Computers & Technology    Published: Tuesday 8th March 2016

This is very annoying when you get an error like “This Copy of Windows is not genuine” on Windows 7, this is because either you are not running genuine copy of Windows or your license got expired ....

Charger Harnesses Heat to Power Phone: Charge Your Phone with Electricity derived from Heat

Computers & Technology    Published: Friday 19th February 2016

A lightweight thermoelectric generator by Warpfive Stove Fans uses heat as an alternative power source to charge electronics like phones, iPads, wearables and navigation systems after the batteries go flat. ....

How To Write The CV That Works In Nigeria Adenike Fadina

Business and Economy    Published: Monday 8th February 2016

I have observed that writing a CV in Nigeria is something people put off for as long as possible and when they eventually get to it, they have the impression that so long as important elements such as work experience, educational qualifications and bio ....

SPECIAL REPORT: How National Assemblys public account committees engage in massive money laundering

Arts & Entertainment    Published: Wednesday 3rd February 2016

Members of the Public Accounts Committees in the 7th Senate and House of Representatives, statutorily responsible for ensuring probity and accountability in the nation’s financial system, compromised the Money Laundering Act during their tenure, ....

Call Barring: How to Activate and De-Activate on Any Network Using USSD codes

Mobile    Published: Wednesday 3rd February 2016

Call Barring is a service that allows subscribers to stop all calls (either incoming or outgoing) on their sim ....

Buhari laments mismanagement of Nigerias oil wealth

Arts and Entertainments    Published: Wednesday 3rd February 2016

President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday lamented Nigeria’s management of its oil wealth, saying it was regrettable that the country could not produce enough refined petroleum products for its domestic use. ....

Nigerian Air Force destroys Boko Haram logistics base

Current Affairs    Published: Wednesday 3rd February 2016

A Nigerian Air Force’s Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UAV) has destroyed a logistics base used by members of the Boko Haram Terrorists group, the air force said in a statement Tuesday. ....

I am free to work for my country Jonathan Speaks

Business and Economy    Published: Wednesday 3rd February 2016

Goodluck Jonathan made it known that if the present administration should give him any assignments and it’s within his capacity, he’ll carry out the assignment. ....

How to Use Your Android Device as a Mouse, Keyboard, Joystick and More

Computers & Technology    Published: Wednesday 3rd February 2016

Using your Android to control your computer is a great way to interact with programs. Your phone can be used a trackpad, or could be used to use a media player using custom controls.Monect lets you ta ....

Zika Virus Infection Reported In USA

Health & Fitness    Published: Wednesday 3rd February 2016

A rare case of the Zika virus being transmitted through sex, not a mosquito bite, has been reported in the US.A patient infected in Dallas, Texas, is likely to have been infected by sexual contact, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) told the B ....

Laugh Matters: See a Funny Love Letter

Humour    Published: Monday 1st February 2016

You are one in a million,worth more than a friend to me,we are not married but yet you stay with me both in good and bad times, ....

Letter To My Wallet

Humour    Published: Monday 1st February 2016

You are one in a million,worth more than a friend to me,we are not married but yet you stay with me both in good and bad times, ....

Use This Code to Check Your BVN Verification Number Anytime

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)    Published: Friday 29th January 2016

I’m just going to show you the easiest way to check your BVNnumber anytime, anyday, anywhere without struggle, without internet … right on y ....

National Assembly Deletes David Mark, 8 Others As Serving Senators

Business and Economy    Published: Monday 25th January 2016

Mark had been at the National Assembly since 1999, representing Benue South Senatorial District until November last year when his election was nullified. He was Senate President from 2007 until his party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) lost control ....

Lassa Fever Dont Drink Garri With Cold Water NMA Chairman Warns!

Health & Fitness    Published: Monday 25th January 2016

Residents of Port Harcourt have been advised to stop drinking garri soaked in cold water for now, because rats that carry the highly contagious Lassa fever virus also like exposed dry garri. ....

How to take a screenshot on Android phones & tablets

Mobile    Published: Monday 25th January 2016

In the early days of Android taking a screenshot on a phone or tablet was a pain, but now the ability to take a screenshot is baked into the OS. ....

How to Use Android Phone as Modem on Computer

Computers & Technology    Published: Wednesday 20th January 2016

Do you have an Android phone, and you wish to browse on your PC, but you don’t have modem. Don’t worry; your Android device can serve as a modem. The only thing you can be worried about is whether your wireless network provider grants Andro ....

How To Transfer Files From Android To Your Computer

Mobile    Published: Wednesday 20th January 2016

Is there a photo on your Android phone or tablet, and you need to get it onto yourPC. What method do you use? You might use a USB cable, rely on Bluetooth, or others. ....
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