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Omolara AdedejiOmolara Adedeji
I am a kingdom expander and I believe in the testimony of a transformed life as the greatest testimony of all. I am a voice of God for my generation, declaring the full counsel of God. I am a writ
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By Omolara Adedeji       Jun 23, 2014


The experiences I have had in life are those of sincere mix feelings, but I have learnt one important lesson through it all – THE WILL (ability to make a choice) is a powerful gift that every human possess and the only one thing that God respects too. You have a powerful gift of choice in your life and that determines to a great extent your outlook to life. You can choose to be happy/sad, mingle/isolated, appreciate/not to, mix/not to.

         The amazing truth about the power of choice is that it is for all classes of people: fat\slim, rich\poor, male\female. It is a great gift that determines destiny and purpose whether it be maximally fulfilled or not.

It is something God recognizes and does not force our responses to experience (choice)on us but allows us to choose whether we want to go for or against His will. I place before you today, life and death, make a choice  - but my will for you is to choose life, but I will not make the decision for you; you will make the decision yourself to walk in life.

         God allows us to make choices as regards to walking in His will. Jesus wanted Mary and Martha to learn at His feet, but Mary sat at His feet and listened, while Martha went about the other physical and exhausting activities. When she complained to Jesus about the consequence of her choice, Jesus said that Mary had CHOSEN (she made a decision) the right path and it cannot be taken away from her. Did Jesus love Martha? Yes! Did He love Mary over Martha or influenced her decisions? No! Jesus allowed them to make their choices. He respected their choices!

          From the time of Adam (the first man) when He and his wife Eve were tempted; they made a choice to eat of the forbidden tree, which God saw, knew and heard the whole conversation, but did not intrude because they had to choose to obey Him, and not forced to do so. Indeed, if you love me (because I will not force it on you), obey my commandments (because it has to be willingly or voluntarily).

       When Cain and Abel offered sacrifices to God, Cain chose to offer to God what did not cost him anything and Abel offered to God a sacrifice, offering that cost him something. He made a choice to offer to God a sacrifice that will honour him, not as an obligation or a push over affair, but one that was qualitative. God had respect for Abel’s decision and not that of Cain because the decision that Abel took was in line with God’s will and it honours and glorifies His name.

         Oftentimes, when we make choices or decisions that are not in line with God’s will – it dissatisfies Him, but He cannot force us to comply. He can only lead, guide and instruct us – working in us by His Spirit in us (His saints) to will (to make a choice) and to do (make a decision) of His good pleasure (His will). We are judged essentially on what we did or did not do, and on the choices we make in accordance with His will or outside His will. The choice that Adam and Eve made outside the command\will of God in the Garden of Eden, earned them the curse and judgment they got in the Garden of Eden. God did not curse them alone, but also the serpent (the devil is not the serpent) because it released itself as an instrument of deception and this was rebellion against its Creator and Maker.

           Jesus (the second Adam) came to the world and chose to die on the cross of Calvary. In the garden of Gethsemane, He was left with a choice of allowing the cup pass over Him or drinking the cup Himself. Jesus chose to drink the cup because He made a choice of “Not my will (my desire\choice) but thy will be done”. Meaning, Jesus subjected His own will (He had a will of His own) to the will of God.

      Examples of choices men made and their destinations. The choice you make daily sums up to the destination your life, career, marriage and ministries is heading to. Our lives are sum total of the choices\decisions we make daily.


Men                                                   Choices                                                                  Consequences

Saul                   He chose to spare the King over the instruction of God.               He lost the throne

Rehab                She chose to save the spies.                                     She spared her kindred and was privileged to

                                                                                                        come  into the lineage of Jesus

Ruth                  She chose to follow Noami and the God of Israel       She obtained the promise and became a part

                                                                                                       of the lineage of Jesus.

Jabez                 He chose to cry out to God                                     He became the best in His clan


           Indeed, the choice you make can either make or mar you. You are not only making choices, but you are making your life!


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Omolara AdedejiAbout Omolara Adedeji
Omolara Adedeji Omolara AdedejiOmolara AdedejiOmolara AdedejiOmolara Adedeji


Omolara is a kingdom citizen and a strong believer of righteousness and she lives to show same. Join me on Webnigerians<\a>

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Gboyega Adedeji     4 years ago
"...the choice you make can either make or mar you. You are not only making choices, but you are making your life!" I particularly love this phrase. Thank you Ma for this timely word!

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