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Gboyega AdedejiGboyega Adedeji
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Goodluck Jonathan & General Buhari: Why Nigerians Must Be Careful!

By Gboyega Adedeji       Oct 25, 2014

Goodluck Jonathan & General Buhari: Why Nigerians Must Be Careful!

While I know the beginning of this sensitive write-up; I do not know its end; hence, the need to introduce myself to every reader. I am a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by natural birth from Osun State; a citizen of the Kingdom of heaven by spiritual birth and an ambassador of the Kingdom by the appointment of His grace - the Lord Jesus Christ. I therefore write this in the authority given to me by the Lord as His ambassador - based in Abuja, Nigeria.

The destiny of every nation and every people, which used to be in their hands, is now in the hands of their leaders. It is the leadership that conceives the vision of an end; and it is the leadership that guides and guards the people there. Therefore, any nation is in trouble, if its leadership does not know why the nation exists, or where the nation is going and how to guide and guard the people there. Hence, Dr. John C. Maxwell said, "everything rises and falls on leadership....and leadership rises and falls on communication."It is therefore important for any nation to be led by people who do not only know where they are taking the people to; but also know how  to take them there. But beyond all that, a national leader must be able to boldly, confidently (but not arrogantly) and simply articulate his or her vision to the people.

Many nations in the world today, including Nigeria have been treading dangerous path of self-destruction for decades. People without any real sense of national direction have been given the sensitive responsibility and power of leading their people - and at best, these people only provide what is called "reeling leadership" - a back and front movement in circles without any meaning impact or progress.Some weeks ago, Nigeria became 54 years old as an independent nation; however, there was very little for the citizens to celebrate about - there is growth apparently, but a reeling growth! We now have a situation where some parts of the nation are developing steadily, while so many areas are not. Worthy of note are states like Lagos, Akwa Ibom and Rivers among other; where some landmark developmental works are done - but what is the national experience? Yet, everything rises and falls on leadership.If everything indeed rises and falls on leadership; then, Nigeria as a nation rises and falls on leadership.

Therefore, the issue of national leadership in Nigeria must not be seen from religious, geographical, tribal or even political goggles. Truly, Nigeria has had 14 "national leaders" including the incumbent President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan; how how many of them could we call effective leaders? How many of the 14 could be described as visionary, non-tribal, sacrificial, humble and exemplary leader? How many young Nigerians could bold say, "I want to be the next so and so of Nigeria?" Until Nigeria gets to a point where younger citizens can begin to find role models in the National and State leadership - the matter of our leadership is not yet resolved.

Sometime ago, some words were sent from phones to phones about the recycling nature of leaders in Nigeria. Names were mentioned of men who were Military Administrators in the 70s, 80s and 90s; who are now political office holders today. Men, who were in some offices some 30 years ago; are still in some offices today - what exactly are they looking for? And what exactly is wrong with Nigerians?Just of recent, the national team coach of Super Eagles was sacked with his men; and Nigerians were complaining about how the national team was so poor; in spite of the vastness of the population of the country.

Honestly, as it is in the national sports teams - so it is in the national leadership. Nigerians are today complaining about the corruption in the country, poor infrastructural development, low sense of nationhood and low quality of living among others. Yet, same men are recycled in the leadership of the nation.It is said, only a mad person will continue to do the same thing, the same way and expect a different result. Politicians on their own cannot initiate true change - the people must! Why is it in Nigeria that a person's record or history is disregarded for convenience and comfort of each man's pocket? As a nation, we must recruit the right (not just the available) minds and hands for national responsibilities - offices.

We must begin a serious scouting for men of integrity; men of character and courage; men with clear vision of the nation and a great capacity for communication. Let it not to be said that Nigerians are enduring the communication of their leaders. Since leadership rises and falls on communication - true national leaders must be men and women who are able to articulate their thoughts, convictions and persuasions.President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan could be rated well by many groups and organizations - but his inability to effectively - clearly, convincingly and courageously communicate  his intentions, plans and thoughts - is a big blow on his capacity as a national leader.

Nigeria deserves leaders who are not loud, but who are clear and heard. Mr President's over-reliance on his people and some NGOs to speak for him is a great minus to his leadership - in fact, most Nigerians get to know about his desire to run for elections in 2015; not from his mouth; but from organizations like TAN, Forward Nigeria among many more. Leadership is about effective communication of convictions and courage to carry them out.General Mohammadu Buhari is perceived by many as one of the greatest leaders in Nigeria - who was not corrupt - and a disciplinarian! But I know that he left office over 30 years ago a the Head of State of Nigeria - why then does he want to return? What does he intend to achieve now that he is over 70 years of age that he could not do when he was over 40 years? The worry is, if Nigerians vote for him and he changes Nigeria, how does he think that 30 years time, his changes would not be over-turned by the subsequent administrations? Would he come back from the grave if he is dead to change things again?

The point is, while leadership remains, leaders changes - and every leader in Nigeria must embrace the reality of mentorship. Why should a man at 70 years be working heard to "serve" Nigerians, while he could impact his life on 70 people, who would really serve Nigerians in 70 different capacities in government.Some thousands of years ago, the nation of Israel was led by a man called Moses. The burden of leadership became so much for him to the point that he complained to God - see what God told him to do:

So the LORD said to Moses:"Gather to Me seventy men of the elders of Israel, whom you know to be elders of the people and officers over them; bring them to the tabernacle of meeting, that they may stand there with you.Then I will come down and talk with you there. I will take of the Spirit that is upon you and will put the same  upon them; and they shall bear the burden of the people with you, that you may not bear it yourself alone."

Numbers 11:16-17

I am convinced that the word given to Moses by the LORD, is the same Word for General Buhari and every other national leader in Nigeria. Nigeria deserves the best; the LORD is not unmindful of the difficult living conditions of Nigerians and He will set the right leader in the sit of national leadership of this nation.

Arise to the call of the LORD, O you giant killers that hides in obscurity of fear, doubt and impediments of structures: For the LORD will use you to ease the burden of Nigeria! 


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Gboyega Adedeji Gboyega AdedejiGboyega AdedejiGboyega AdedejiGboyega Adedeji


Gboyega Adedeji is an inspiring teacher and writer. He is committed strongly to the development of effective leaders across generations and denominations.

He is an author of many books, writer of many articles and coach of many leaders!

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Goodluck Jonathan & General Buhari: Why Nigerians Must Be Careful!Goodluck Jonathan & General Buhari: Why Nigerians Must Be Careful!Goodluck Jonathan & General Buhari: Why Nigerians Must Be Careful!Goodluck Jonathan & General Buhari: Why Nigerians Must Be Careful!

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