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I am Celine Wilson here. I am working for SendFlowersAndMore. 
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How to Arrange Flowers for a Special Event?

By Celine Wilson       Apr 21, 2016

How to Arrange Flowers for a Special Event?

Be it a wedding ceremony or a retirement party, flowers are a permanent fixture for every single event thats organized on the face of the earth. Flowers and plants make the entire setting a beautiful one and give a fresh boost to all those who are present. If you want to style your own home or prepare for a party at home, fresh flowers are the best way to spruce up the scene.

The best place to source fresh flowers if you want thebest flowers for your housewarming party, is the market and the best time to visit is in the morning. Dont go too early or you will meet the florists and shop owners crowding the place. Delay your visit a bit and you will get time to browse through the collection and you wont be rushed. Every city has a flower market so check out the one in yours and take a trip to get reasonable prices.

The first step:

Once you source your flowers from the market, they will need to be spruced up a bit by trimming the leaves and cutting off the ends. Make sure you use sharp scissors to do the job, neatly and quickly. Quickly put them into fresh water and remember to replenish the water on a daily basis for long-lasting fresh flowers. Your flower bouquet is now ready to be designed.

Choosing a design for the arrangement:

It is very important to consider the season while choosing to arrange the best flowers for house warming or engagement parties. When you choose Flowers from a particular season, it reflects your excellent choice and knowledge about flower arrangements. Make sure you choose local flowers over imported ones are you will find them fresher due to the local availability. Also the local farmer will be benefited if one prefers local produce over imported.

Once you have a particular theme or design in your mind begin your placement and quickly get on the road to creating your own flower bouquet. A vital ingredient of the flower arrangement is its base. There are basically two types of bases available:

  • Floral Foam bricks or an oasis
  • Chicken wire

A strong and sturdy base will help to hold your flower arrangement together and give it a neat look. Put the base in first and then start putting in the stems, by crossing them over each other till it creates a strong foundation.

Colours, sizes and Textures:

For arranging the flowers for housewarming or an anniversary celebration, it is important to use the right colours and size of flowers. For example, make sure not all flowers are tiny or large, use a combination and you will have a winner of an arrangement. Using foliage is also a great idea to add texture to the entire set-up. Choosing two primary colours is always a good idea and then match it with a medium colours.

Remember not to fill up the room with flowers all over the place as that will dwarf the room and take focus away from your arrangement. Intersperse the larger pieces with the smaller ones and you will have your guests admiring them much longer. Treat the flowers with kid gloves, as they are delicate and need to be handled with care. In order to keep the flowers fresh and smelling nice, ensure the water is replaced every day.

Your gut feel about a particular design is very important when you create the flower arrangement. Whatever you do, follow a pattern and your personality will be reflected in the flower bouquets you create.


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Celine WilsonAbout Celine Wilson
Celine Wilson Celine WilsonCeline WilsonCeline WilsonCeline Wilson


I am Celine Wilson here. I am working for sendflowersandmore.com. SendFlowerAndMore is online flower shop. We offer different types of flowers for different occasions like birthday, anniversary, thank you or many more.

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