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Alex SovgirAlex Sovgir
Alex is an American short story writer living in Lagos.
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From Lagos
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# How to choose and buy Toyota Camry in Nigeria

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How to choose and buy Toyota Camry in Nigeria

By Alex Sovgir       Apr 22, 2015

How to choose and buy Toyota Camry in Nigeria

How to choose and buy Toyota Camry in Nigeria

If you want to smile happily as well as this man, you need a Toyota Camry. Why is exactly Toyota Camry? We will explain why below.

Today Tomorrow Toyota” or cars - synonymous with quality and reliability.

Toyota TM cares about the environment   The trademark also aims to reduce the negative impact on the environment at every stage of development, design, production, logistics and sales right up to recycling vehicles at the end of their life cycle.


The company carries out a serious test of each new and updated models in the derivation of it on the market. All vehicles are thoroughly checked in difficult road and weather conditions. Thus, their opportunities in all circumstances are defining and guaranteeing the safety and comfort behind the wheel and as a passenger of Toyota automobile.


The Toyota cars, purchased from authorized dealers of Toyota, are warranted for a period of three years or 100 thousand.

Turning to the authorized dealer of Toyota, you can be sure that professionals use the most modern diagnostic equipment and spare parts, ensure safe operation and maximizing life of your car Toyota.

And finally: Isn`t it a precious car? Just look! It`s gorgeous! Especially If you live in Nigeria where the overall condition of the roads is poor it will be the ideal option for you. In this article we describe how to choose this car and buy it in Nigeria.

Follow these  5 advices to make your bargain, especially if you`re interested in already used car:

1)  First of all, think about your income.  

From this, in fact, depends on whether you can afford a new car, or will consider the option of old one. The easiest way, of course, start searching among friends, maybe someone sells car , but your  will be much fastest  using the Internet sites.

The most popular among them in Nigeria: Cheki

Here you can find a lot of already used cars, but you exactly would be satisfied with the price.
JiJi.ng Here you will find many products from animals to cars, prices are very low because it is buying directly from real people.
Carmudi This site offers brand new cars and older ones, so you can choose among them and it depends on the budget you have.
Mobofree Here you can find only already used cars.

2) Look at the e - advertising

If you decide to buy through the Internet, remember that the picture in the photo announcements and promotional machine in the real world may be different, so be attentive.

3)Properly notice the engine work

There is one very important moment connected with the car engine work. Checking the engine begins when you drive the car. Serviceable and well- regulated motor starts to go in about 1-3 seconds after the ignition key is turned , or  with a half-turn . The engine should run smoothly, without making any pops and other extraneous sounds , it should hum like a well-fed cat and pleasing to the ear . After a few minutes of the engine , the car is to get around and  you see the smoke from the exhaust pipe. It should be either invisible or light greyish  and then immediately flutter in the wind.

4) Make a test drive

Let the seller bring the car to a smooth and quiet stretch of road , and you listen for cod in the gearbox during gear changes , whether strange sounds jerks when driving . Then sit behind the wheel , acceleration to a speed of approximately 30 -40 kilometers on a straight stretch of road , and be willing to let go of the steering wheel.

Vehicles have been released from the wheel should continue moving  straight ahead !

If it takes sharply in any direction - you're dealing with a significant malfunction, which in the best case, would not adjusted and the collapse of the front toe, and at worst - a violation of the geometry of the car, or damage to the suspension.

If the car takes smoothly - this may be caused by, or slope of the road, or unevenly inflated tires. If by tire inflation or the change of the road, the problem persists, then pulling to one side, most likely, a malfunction in the regulations or in violation of geometry. These failures result in rapid deterioration of rubber chronically! You are fully entitled to withdraw from the purchase of the car!

5) Evaluate the appearance of the car

And finally, take a look on a car design.  Most of the previously used machines were restored on car repai . We are talking about  different  micro  damages, such as dents, scratches , which can  be easily restored the service station .

So, all these advices will be helpful to you in case if you decided to buy a car cheaper than in the store and prevent you from being cheated about the quality of the car.

And finally…

this article would not have been meaning to write, if you decide to buy a new car, because it`s very simple.  Just official Toyota dealer and your own money, that`s it!


If you need to re-publish this ARTICLE, please cite this article - (https://witicles.com/how-to-choose-and-buy-toyota-camry-in-nigeria-320.html) and the Writer (Alex Sovgir)

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Alex SovgirAbout Alex Sovgir
Alex Sovgir Alex SovgirAlex SovgirAlex SovgirAlex Sovgir


Alex is an American short story writer living in Lagos.

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