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Manish BabuManish Babu
Manish Babu is an author who is associated with Incredible Kitchens. He has vast knowledge about kitch
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# How to Choose Countertops with Confidence

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How to Choose Countertops with Confidence

By Manish Babu       Apr 21, 2019

How to Choose Countertops with Confidence

Your countertops play a starring role in the interior of the kitchen. There are numerous options available from granite to laminate to engineered stone. Choices may confuse you. At the same time, you may make a bad decision which you don't want to do. If you are aware of a few precautions, you can choose the best countertop for your kitchen.

What is your lifestyle? It plays a prominent role in deciding the type of benchtop can suit your kitchen well. A family with children may have a busy kitchen. For such a family, a benchtop with less maintenance can be a well suitable choice. A couple can choose a benchtop of granite or laminate. In your choices, don't forget to consider your lifestyle. If your kitchen is handled by home helpers usually, you may need an engineered stone which needs less maintenance.

What is your budget? A kitchen benchtop installation can increase your expenditure for a month or two. Considering your other expenditures, decide the budget of your countertop. It includes the expenditure of the countertop along with installation. Compare laminate, metal and stone benchtops in Auckland or your city to decide the estimate. Confirm the installation charges for each different type of benchtop materials. Those who have a tight budget plan can go with a laminate slab because the product and its installation are affordable. If you are looking for durability along the budget factor, an engineered stone benchtop can be an ideal choice. The material is rock solid and is available in various ranges.

Decide the shape of your countertop. According to your kitchen size, you will have to decide the benchtop. If your kitchen is small and in a rectangular shape, buying an L-shape benchtop is excellent. If your kitchen is in a square shape and spacious, a U-shape is well suitable. For small kitchens, straight kitchen slabs can be an ideal choice.

Contact the installation agency a week before the installation date. In this way, you can come to know the exact size and shape of the countertop you may require. The installation expert will let you know the type of countertop can suit to your kitchen interior and the exact measurement. The week gap for installation will give you enough time to choose a well suitable countertop.

Note- The size and the shape of the countertop can increase your budget. If you choose U-shape, it will cost you more than L-shape. In the same way, if you choose an L-shape, it will cost you more than a straight shape slab.

The interior market offers countertops of various materials. When it comes to the interior of the kitchen, you may have to limit yourself to find the best match if you are purchasing granite or metal slabs. The natural stone has uniqueness for patterns, but they are limited for colour choices. Engineered stone slabs can meet your expectation. The man-made stone is available in various colours to let you pick the best one. If you are confused about seeing varieties in colours, you can confidently choose a black or wood shade.


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Manish BabuAbout Manish Babu
Manish Babu Manish BabuManish BabuManish BabuManish Babu

   Manish Babu is an author who is associated with Incredible Kitchens. He has vast knowledge about home improvement.

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