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Oluwasina IyanuOluwasina Iyanu
An Optimist who believes in a greater and better Nigeria.
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From Lagos, Nigeria
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# Letter To My Son -2

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Letter To My Son -2

By Oluwasina Iyanu       Oct 16, 2014

Letter To My Son -2



Do More  and Talk Less


Hi son,


I know it’s just the year 2014 and you have not yet been conceived but writing you actually feels like we are communicating, like we are speaking in person. I should have written you earlier on but I have been a bit busy trying to live rather than just exist. You see, there’s a big difference between both of them. Existing is when a living thing keeps taking in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide with no notable contribution to his society while living is when you contribute and be of help to your society (positively). Many people exist just a few do actually live. In my last letter, I talked about the need to stay positive because it’s like the foundation if ever you would achieve or accomplish anything meaningful. In as much as having a positive mind set is key, one won’t accomplish anything without taking action.


There are two types of people in this world:


1. Those that make things happen


2. Those who don’t and mostly just talk about the situation


Those who make things happen are those who don’t just watch things or keep commenting on things, they take action. It’s not enough to recogniz a fault and keep talking about it. What’s key is that you work towards correcting that fault. Take Nigeria for example, it’s obvious that almost everyone if not everyone has a great idea on how to improve and develop the country. In fact we talk about it all the time, so why are we still where we are as a country? This is simply because we have way too many talkers than those ready to take action. I have not known talk to build buildings and structures, its construction (action) that does.


One of the greatest challenges a nation can face is to have more commentators than actors. They keep talking while nothing is getting done. Talk is cheap. For you to amount to anything, you would need to be a man of action. When you see something that needs attention,don’t just talk, make attempts to do something about it. When you make an attempt to solve that problem, you will be surprised that others would come out and back you up or assist. Taking immediate action solves so many problems although there are always consequences for our actions.


Back when I was an undergraduate, there was this particular day I had a very serious headache (thanks to the stress of attending multiple lectures and classes), so I needed rest. There was this porter who was most likely drunk. He played music over the PA system at full volume late into the night. To make matters worse, one of the speakers was hanging almost directly opposite my room. While so many people were shouting back and complaining, I couldn’t because of the headache, so I decided to find a solution. It occurred to me that all I needed to do was find a way to disconnect the sound and so off I went and the deed was done.  After that I slept like a baby that night. You see I could have joined the group of people complaining or keep struggling with the compounded headache, but I decided to solve the problem rather than complain or murmur.  Talking/complaining doesn’t change anything, its action that does.


Lest I forget Son, don’t take this as permission to go about cutting wires and damaging peoples’ property. If you do and you get caught, just pray I don’t hear about it because if I do……that would be the day you find out that my belt is not just a clothing material for holding my shorts to my waist, it can also be a  tool for ‘resetting’ defaulting children.


It pays to be a man of action than a commentator. Remember in the field of sports,  Commentators don’t win any price athletes and players do. With this I’m off son.




Love you




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Letter To My Son -2Letter To My Son -2Letter To My Son -2Letter To My Son -2

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Gboyega Adedeji     4 years ago
Wow! So interesting, instructive and challenging. More of this Brother! I laughed and smiled and learnt some tips. "Talking/complaining doesn’t change anything, its action that does."

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