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Music Industry in Nigeria

By Azees Ishola       May 06, 2015

Music Industry in Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the most prominent nations in all of Africa. This country has the third largest economy on the African continent and its entertainment industry (Nollywood) is the third most influential in the world. While the economy is strong and the films popular; Nigeria's music scene is starting to come into its own as well. In 2015, Nigerian music artists are establishing themselves as some of the biggest and best performers in all of Africa and on the international scene. This presentation is an overview of the music industry in Nigeria.


Nigerian artists are now being classified as some of the most prominent artists in Europe and Africa. Their influence also reaches over to the U.S. but it is very limited within this part of the world. The dominant music forms are rap, hip hop, R&B and juju. However, juju music is mainly played by the locals and the other forms primarily played on commercial radio.


Contemporary generations of Nigerians listen to a lot of rap, hip hop and R&B music on the radio. Since they do, these music forms have become the most dominant styles among mainstream Nigerian society. The music industry inside of Nigeria realizes this and actively promotes these sounds.


Keep in mind that Nigeria's artists might has a western (American) appeal to their music in terms of how their music is developed; but the style is distinctively their own. They have found a way to blend traditional Nigeria dialects and music tones within their music. Their genre now stands out from west and is attracting international audiences without trying to duplicate U.S. artists.


The biggest selling musicians in Nigeria include rappers and hip hop artists such as PSquare, D'banj, Tuface and Don Jazzy. These artists have linked up with western hip hop and rap entertainers and producers to create their own unique brand of music that reaches out to international audiences. The dominant record labels in Nigeria are Marvin Records, Dem Mama Soldiers, YBNL and Chocolate City. Each of these labels is competing hard with one another to dominate the scene.


African Caribbean fusion is another music form that is slowly gaining a large and loyal fan base in Nigeria. This music uses Jamaican Patois for its lyrics and beats. Recording artist under this genre include Orezi, Duncan Mighty, Timaya and Burna Boy. AireMighty Records and Dem Mama Soldiers are just two labels that ishelping to promote this new trend in Nigerian music.


Asa, Omawumi Megbele and Tiwa Savage are some of the prominent female rap and Afrobeat artists from Nigeria. Weird Mc, Eva Alordiah, and Sasha P. are also included within this mix of female stars who are big names in the industry.


American known performers Sade and Seal have their roots in Nigeria. These are two international artists who have made a big impact within the United States and other western countries. Though they are not as popular as they use to be in the past they still continue to entertain many American audiences.


Traditional and local recording artists are not as big in Nigeria as their modern counterparts. Even though this is the case traditional and local music is still being honored by many people in this nation; especially those from previous generations. Popular juju musicians include King Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey, and Shina Peters. Though there time has passed they still perform in modern times. A lot of the Afrobeat, juju and traditional music are usually heard at concerts, festivals and other special events. Many of the tribal based people that continue to reside in Nigeria also play a lot of juju and traditional Nigerian music out in the countryside.


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