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temidayo osikoyatemidayo osikoya
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Network Marketing Tips :The Pros And Cons Of Product Network Marketing

By temidayo osikoya       Nov 22, 2014

Network Marketing Tips :The Pros And Cons Of  Product Network Marketing

Sometimes earlier I talked extensively on the benefits of network marketing [also known as multilevel marketing or MLM]. Today we’ll be looking into the[pros and cons] advantages and also the disadvantages of doing a product network marketing business.

As an experienced product network marketer,I have done quite of these product network businesses especially on health related products which i'm enjoying up till now,and also there are some which i regretted doing. And I have come to understand how it works best and how to advise any intending product network marketer who wants to make money from them.

Off course the bottom line of it is to sell these products[either directly or indirectly] to end users and then smile to the bank. But before considering joining any of these multinational companies ,here are some points to take good note of. So let me start with the cons of doing product-oriented networks.


  • It doesn't move so fast when you don’t see like minded people to join you.And that’s where the word[T.E.A.M] comes in.
  •  When the products are not as effective or useful as they ought to be.
  • When the start-up capital becomes to expensive or unaffordable for an average individual to join.
  • When the compensation plan of the product network business doesn't seem to be lucrative enough for you to achieve in lesser time, or too much of the compensation plan falls directly into the company.
  • When you are asked to meet up monthly targets[usually either by selling or bringing in new people] for a particular time so as to enable you earn bonus.

The Pros are:


  • Its easy to convince prospects to join if the products are highly useful and effective.
  • When you see and join a group of people to start with which will make a strong team and drive the business forward with less effort.
  • When the start-up capital is quite affordable to for an average man to come up with.
  • When the company’s compensation plan is lucrative to achieve results in lesser period of time.[mostly,reliable product network companies rate are between 55-45%] which is okay.
  • When  there are no monthly targets or authorship to achieve before you earn.

Above are the major experiences a product network business person encounters.So if you want to participate in any of these network marketing companies,you will have to take good note of some of the points mentioned above so as not to end up regretting ever getting involved.

Another point I will buttress here is that do not get yourself involved with too many of these product network businesses because there are pretty lots of them out there looking for people to muzzle.There are several competitors in this chain of business. So I encourage you to stick to one or two of them as long as they have good quality and needful products to offer end users.

So that’s all you need to know about product network marketing related businesses. Next time I will be sharing with you the pros and cons of service networks and companies involved. Suggestions are welcome via the comment box below if there are other points to take note of,and which will be beneficial for readers.And also don’t forget to subscribe for my newsletters using your email here.


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temidayo osikoyaAbout temidayo osikoya
temidayo osikoya temidayo osikoyatemidayo osikoyatemidayo osikoyatemidayo osikoya


My name is Temidayo Osikoya. I'm an offline/online entrepreneur. I own a tech-biz blog and also an ecommerce blog. I can be reached on info@gbelepawoonline.com 

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Network Marketing Tips :The Pros And Cons Of  Product Network MarketingNetwork Marketing Tips :The Pros And Cons Of  Product Network MarketingNetwork Marketing Tips :The Pros And Cons Of  Product Network MarketingNetwork Marketing Tips :The Pros And Cons Of  Product Network Marketing

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