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Sandeep is an experienced travel consultant, who enjoys travelling and loves to write about the destinations he has been to and
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Plan a trip to the pristine hill station of Manali this March

By sandeep       Mar 14, 2016

Plan a trip to the pristine hill station of Manali this March

Planning for a holiday this month? Head over to Manali. The peak seasons are over, and though the pleasant summer air has started to kick in, you will still find snow in the more higher parts of the hill station. Chandigarh to Manali taxi rates and the hotels rates which surged up during peak seasons will have gone down to normal by now and you can thoroughly enjoy your vacation.

There are a few places that make both a decent summer destination and an impeccable winter skiing and holidaying destination. Manali is exactly one of those places. It is an excellent summer destination with cool charming climate with delightful beams of sunshine over the thick cedar backwoods and rich greeneries with cool pleasant breeze while you can witness and experience snowfall in winters and get looks of lovely snow clad tops and tree finish painted with a wonderful feathery white practically like white cotton confections. It is ideally approached from Delhi by tourists but the closest you can approach it from another top city is Chandigarh. Chandigarh to Manali taxi rates are significantly cheaper because of the distance and time factor as Chandigarh is much closer to the pristine hill station.

As you approach Manali, the air gets cooler and fresher, and there is a wealth of lavish trees and thick timberlands as far as the eye can see and relying upon the season of your travel you will get the opportunity to see crisp green sprouting trees or snow clad peaks with snow secured trees. An outright joy for the rush adrenaline junkies and daring people, this spot is a  paradise for outdoor activities. Any outdoor exercises from rock climbing, trekking and paragliding can be experienced here. What's more, on the off chance that you request something they don't normally do, odds are, they will go with the flow and permit you to do it and go along with it as well. There are such a fun and courageous spot where there are guests and travelers throughout the entire year so you are always in the company of others to accomplish something together.

If the outdoor activities do not appeal to you and you would rather like to indulge yourself in some shopping and trying out the cuisine of the place, then head over to Mall road. This is Manali’s busiest site and the commercial centre of the hill station. You could get you name cut in on a solitary grain of rice and that could be one of the best trinkets you could take home or cut the names of your companions and blessing it to them. It has a huge array of differing line of eateries with the cooking styles extending straight up from the indian chaats to Indian spiced primary courses to worldwide foods while the Old Manali street has a percentage of the best places to hang out at night with a vast exhibit of shops and resto bars and bars where everybody paying little heed to what they did amid the day or where they are from can come a wind up and get into an inviting discussion with each other. Chandigarh has a clear upper hand over being the best place to approach Manali as the Chandigarh to Manali distance is almost half to that of New Delhi. But at the end of the day, Delhi or Chandigarh, all the trouble of going through the journey of getting there is forgotten at the very instance you get a glimpse of this beautiful hill station.


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Sandeep is an experienced travel consultant, who enjoys travelling and loves to write about the destinations he has been to and shares his experience. He also writes about travel tips, world's best holiday destinations, best hotels in a destination, travel packages, and flight information.

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