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How To Buy eBooks on Kpibooks.com.ng in Nigeria

By Free Online Articles Editor       Apr 11, 2016

How To Buy eBooks on Kpibooks.com.ng in Nigeria

kpiBooks.com.ng is your number one online book shopping destination in Nigeria. Buy your favourite books and eBooks online and at the best price in Nigeria just for you to have the best book shopping experience with the option of pay on delivery by cash.

kpiBooks.com.ng is a member of kpInpsirationals, an Abuja-based Multimedia business that deploys quality technology to produce and publish inspiring books, eBooks and audio books for the growth, effectiveness and maturity of everyone.

Purchasing an eBook is as easy as purchasing printed books on Kpibooks. The only difference is that there is no pay cash on delivery option, meaning you have to purchase by paying online. Our online payment procedure is very easy and fast making electronic book shopping an easy and delightful experience.

Below are the procedures on purchasing and downloading eBooks from Kpibooks website with illustrations:



  • Sign up if are a new member, or sign in if you have registered.

Starting pointsigning in to start shopping

  • After signing in, go to the left side of the screen and click Electronic Books. This will take you to the page where the eBooks are arranged according to different categories in order to make searching easier for you.

Select electronic books to see the list



select ebook of preference

  • Select your book of choice and in the next page showing the book details, click add to cart.to add ebook to cart


    • After that, in the pop-up box that shows next, clickproceed to checkout if you are through buying books and you want to proceed with payment or if you are not ready to checkout and you still want to buy more books, just click continue shopping, this will take you back to where the books are.starting of checking out
    • After proceeding to checkout, a page will show asking for full details about you (you can skip this if you have done it before while patronizing us), and since you are signed in, the server will skip that process if not, once it shows the prompt to sign in, please do and make sure you fill your full address there too, then you can click proceed to checkout.


    • On completion of filling in details required before taken to the page where the payment will be processed, a prompt will show asking you to confirm that you agree to the terms of services rendered by Kpibooks, to confirm tick the small box placed before the agreement and then click proceed to checkout.


    Note: In case you want to read the Terms of Services just click it, it is placed after the agreement.agreeing to terms and conditions before making payments



    • After completing the previous part, you will be taken to the last phase of the checkout process which is payment. Still click proceed to checkout and it will show you a prompt that you are going to be redirected to VoguePay website for your payment, click the box which indicates “Please Click Here” and a box showing the link to open VoguePay portal will show. Click it and you will be redirected to VoguePay portal.proceeding to voguepay

    Note: The Other payment methods option only works when you want to buy a printed book (Pay Cash on Delivery) in which the book/books will be delivered to you.

    to open voguepay portal

    • Welcome to the VoguePay portal where you will be able to pay for your ebook/ebooks with ease. Select your payment option (means). Since most people use MasterCard or Verve Card, it is more common and more of an option to select the MasterCard/Verve Card option but in case you use the services of the other options listed, you can select any of them though, we will be discussing on the use of MasterCard/Verve Card. The page will also ask for your email so your receipt can be sent to you immediately after payment so type your email in the box provided and then click the preferred payment option which takes you to the next page.procedure to paying on voguepay portalselect prefered options under vogue pay



    • The next page will show you the option of signing in (If you have a VoguePay account) and also the Quickteller option where you can fill in your card details. Click on the lower box (if you don’t have a VoguePay account) and it will take you to the page where you can fill in your card details. After you have filled in all the details, click on pay to complete the transaction.

    selection of quickteller in voguepaymaking payment on voguepay with quickteller



    • On completion of the transaction, you will see a page on the screen confirming the completion of the transaction. Click on the box below which says “Proceed to Merchant Website” and you will be redirected back to your Kpibooks account where you can see your Order History confirming that you have purchased the eBook. Click the Back to Your Account option to go to where you can download the eBook.After successful paymentback to your account after payment
    • On opening your account on Kpibooks website, you will see at the top of the screen “My Downloads” option where you can view the list of eBooks that you have purchased and you can download any of them from there if it hasn’t exceeded the download validity period.



    • Thanks for shopping with us and we do hope you will continue to do so. Hope this article has been of good help in patronizing our online bookstore and buying our eBooks because your satisfaction is the major goal of our services.


    If you need to re-publish this ARTICLE, please cite this article - (https://witicles.com/purchasing-of-ebooks-on-kpibookscomng-24231.html) and the Writer (Free Online Articles Editor)

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    Save the Stress, Shop for Books Online in Nigeria - kpiBooks.com.ng
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