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10 Things That Will Improve Your Article Writing & Submission on Witicles

By Gboyega Adedeji       Oct 29, 2014

10 Things That Will Improve Your Article Writing & Submission on Witicles

Article writing and submission could a very daunting task and could equally be a very rewarding work - it all depends on your preparations and your perspective. If you are a talented writer - "you just love to write"; then, article writing could be a good way of harnessing your innate ability or sharpening your skills. And if your a professional - You are a Chartered Banker, Accountant, Manager, Marketer, Stock Broker, and all that; or you are a profession Lawyer, Doctor, Health Worker, Pharmacist, Politician and teacher; and your heart truly yearns for adding value to your community, nation or generation on your area of training - (before you leave this earth); then, writing articles and submitting and to Article Directories could tremendousnessly bring a sense of fulfillment to you, with or without paid traffic to your business or website.

The Whites have a saying, "The best way to keep a thing from a Black person is by writing it in a book - he or she will never read it!" While they may believe in the validity of their claim; I believe that the final conclusion on that cannot be from the Whites; but from every Black person - would you also avoid reading; or would you hide knowledge from others? That question is a food for thought for every Nigerian and every Witicle.com.ng Writer.

Towards enhancing the article writing capacity of every talented Writer on Witicles.com.ng; we have put up the followin suggestions:



Before any article is written, you must know yourself, your passion, your purpose, your principles, your practice (vocation), your vision and all that. The understanding that you will gain from that knowledge will become a great foundation for your article writing and submission.

Although, you might want to write an article about something; your passion may not allign with such article; hence, you drop it. Knowing what pains you and what gives you pleasure, could help you to know when to write an article and when not to write. It will basically guide and guard you.


Avoid writing article on any subject that you do not know much about. Writing about an unknown subject is like driving a car with loosed tire bolts - accident or crash is just a matter of time. Passion flows with knowledge; when you know about a subject; you will not struggle to write and you will be confident in your source(s).


We live by learning; we learn from the books we read, words that we hear; but we must be careful to know our own approach or style. We you get carried away following every style that appeals to you; you will end up not having any particular style of writing; and your readers might not even know how you write and how to follow your thoughts. Stay true to your style - appreciate how other write; but stay true to your own style of presenting your thoughts and understanding.


As much as possible, avoid using words that you have not proved to be correct. I have come to discover that people usually find it difficult to follow the thoughts that are not well presented or correctly presented. Watch your tenses; and try to edit your articles well to prevent spelling errors. In short, try to please your readers taste for excellence in grammar. However, while trying to become better than your past; you must continue to write - as you are not expected to start perfectly; but to grow unto perfection.


Every article cannot appeal to every reader, no matter how it is written and published. In reality, every article is targeted at certain category of readers; that could be spread across countries, professions, associations, groups, tribe or religion. Therefore, before you write an arrticle, you must know the category of people you intend to reach with the article and direct it at them - in the use of language, terms, and facts. Avoid using generic languages for a targeted article. Have your target in mind while writing and while categorizing your article in the directory (Witicles.com.ng) while submitting.


Every article is made up of at least: title, category option, main content, author resource box. While writing your article; you must watch to make every unit of the article your "selling point". The point is, if all a reader will read is your article title; such a reader should be attracted. Therefore, let your title be comprehensive, describing the purpose of the article in few words. Watch for KEYWORDS - apart from readers that find your article from within the Article Directory; muost readers will find your article from Google Search results; hence, you must use WORDS in your title, that you know that people (readers) will type in Google search.

If you intend to target a particular country or group, or trend or business; you must mention it in your title. Take for instance that I intend to write an article that every Nigerian that loves Scrabble must read; I might write any of these:
* The Game of Scrabble in Nigeria;
* How the Game of Scrabble is Growing In Nigeria.

The point is, try to use words that readers can search for on Google in your title. While you position your title as your "biggest"selling point; you must choose the right category for your article and also make your article content just as you have promised in your title.
The Author Resource Box is a way of giving back to you; after you have passionately giving your skill, talent, knowldge to the readers. Hence, you write about yourself, your product or service or project that you want your readers to know about and possibly visit your website or business for.


The internet is filled with a lot of things that calls the attention of every reader; hence, you must be conscious of your competitors and write your articles in such a concise and compelling manner that will ensure that the readers visit your articles again and even finish the one they have followed from Google. As a profession, you must also know your industry competitors; and respond to their offerings with your own offering promises and assurance online through your well-thought articles. In short, you can use article writing and submission to weaken the impact of competition in your field.


While you might like to write about your field of epertise; you may also want to write about the current or latest events, products and trends in your industry, profession or country. Therefore, a good understanding of what is going on around you (your environment) can help you to know what to write about and how to present them.


Every platform has strengths and weaknesses; you must therefore know the strength of your article submission platform; engage it; and use it to counter the effect of the weaknesses. Build a niche for yourself in your article submission platform (Witicles.com.ng) and thrive to be a leading writer in your niche.


Every article must be concluded with a call to action. What do you want your readers to start doing, or what do you want them to stop doing; you must be a able to drive home your point in a very compelling manner. In short, how you end each article you submit, can determine how your subsequent articles are received and responded to. Never forget to communicate your expectations to your readers and help them to see what they stand to benefit from your writing. However, avoid talking about yourself in any article; keep focus on the subject of the article and conclude well.


If you need to re-publish this ARTICLE, please cite this article - (https://witicles.com/ten-things-that-will-improve-your-article-writing--submission-on-witicles-129.html) and the Writer (Gboyega Adedeji)

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Gboyega AdedejiAbout Gboyega Adedeji
Gboyega Adedeji Gboyega AdedejiGboyega AdedejiGboyega AdedejiGboyega Adedeji


Gboyega Adedeji is an inspiring teacher and writer. He is committed strongly to the development of effective leaders across generations and denominations.

He is an author of many books, writer of many articles and coach of many leaders!

He leads at LeaderSoil

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10 Things That Will Improve Your Article Writing & Submission on Witicles10 Things That Will Improve Your Article Writing & Submission on Witicles10 Things That Will Improve Your Article Writing & Submission on Witicles10 Things That Will Improve Your Article Writing & Submission on Witicles

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