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Gboyega AdedejiGboyega Adedeji
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The Mystery of the New Creation: How You Became A New Person

By Gboyega Adedeji       Sep 02, 2015

The Mystery of the New Creation: How You Became A New Person

This article will surely answer some of the questions in your heart; but you must read it with an open mind. We have been beaten, shattered and molested by the devil in countless instances and moments of our lives because we have been ignorant of the reality and the authority of the new life in Christ Jesus. 
Truly, every person is born into the world in the nature and form of weaknesses. That is why, in spite of the correctness of our creation by God - the Creator of the ends of the earth; we all began our lives with both elements of strengths and weaknesses: For by creation, we were strong; but by inheritance in Adam (the first man), we were weak.
The reality of our time today is that an average man or woman believes that he or she cannot but sin against God. Each person believes that he or she cannot but fall short of God's glory or expectation of him or her. Sometime ago, a friend of mine asked me two questions, he said, "Is it possible for a man or woman not to sin? Can anyone be perfect?" While I tried to respond to his questions, I discovered that he had already concluded in his heart that he cannot be perfect and he cannot avoid or stay away from sin. He believes that God never expected us to be perfect, for only God can be perfect.
What my friend said was an indication of the prevailing thought of most believers across the world. We believe that we cannot be perfect here on earth - we literally dissociate ourselves from the injunctions of Christ! 
Naturally, every man or woman sins; every man or woman daily falls short of God's expectations. However, Christ Jesus came for the purpose of empowering man over sin and weaknesses of the flesh. King Solomon lamented that everything his eyes wanted, he never denied it. But at the end, he considered everything to be vanity! Jesus told the people that greater than Solomon was talking to them - Jesus Christ! Solomon could not put his body under control - he lacked self-control; however, in this dispensation, through Christ Jesus, we are able to put our bodies under.
One thing is clear, the human nature is a unitary nature - consisting of the spirit, body and soul. When a man accepts Jesus Christ as the Lord and Saviour, while his spirit is renewed, he maintains the same body. That is why the people that go out for altar calls at various gatherings of believers do not return transformed in their stature, complexions and genders. What changes isn't the body at salvation, but the spirit. However, a man is a spirit that has a soul and lives inside a body. The truth is, your true person is not the body that people see everywhere, but the spirit that moves the body around.
Hence, at salvation, what moves your body around becomes new - your true nature changes, your thoughts changes, your passion changes, your urges changes; even while your body remains the same old container of the new person. Therefore, new creation in Christ does not change your body, but makes you a new bread of human that the whole world has never seen before. That is, your formal weaknesses no longer exists, your formal fears no longer exist, your formal lusts no longer exist - do you know why? The man or woman that used to love those things, fear those things, struggle with those things and associate with those people, no longer exists. At salvation, your old person dies, and a new person is birthed in Christ Jesus.
If a drunkard or harlot encounters Jesus at salvation, his or her old personality dies, while the new man or woman begins to emerge for the world to see. However, the old friends, family, associates usually come back to the new person to find out if the old person was still living. But the problem is, because we usually recognize them (even though we have become a new person); we also erroneously assume that we are also the same person they used to know. But in reality, we are no more the same! 
Today, people carry over the corruption of the old nature to the new nature due to the activities or efforts of the old friends or people around them. You you want to live in dominion over sin and fulfill your life purpose without the limitations of the human nature, you must allow Jesus to make you new again, and you must become aware of the reality of your newness in Christ Jesus.
The old guy died at the cross of Jesus, but a new man, a new lady rises up with Jesus. You are no longer the old person, you have changed; therefore begin to do things differently, begin to think differently, begin to associate with different people, and begin to say new things. When this is done, you will begin to have new experiences, new expectations, new priorities, new results and new testimonies.
You are welcome back again to a new experience in Christ Jesus!


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Gboyega AdedejiAbout Gboyega Adedeji
Gboyega Adedeji Gboyega AdedejiGboyega AdedejiGboyega AdedejiGboyega Adedeji


Gboyega Adedeji is an inspiring teacher and writer. He is committed strongly to the development of effective leaders across generations and denominations.

He is an author of many books, writer of many articles and coach of many leaders!

He leads at LeaderSoil

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