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# When To Use Nebulizer For Kids?
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When To Use Nebulizer For Kids?

By Stacey Pates       Jun 30, 2017

When To Use Nebulizer For Kids?

The nebulizer is a device to deliver medicine right to the lungs. It’s used to deliver liquid medications to the body through the lungs. It’s developed in a manner to turn the liquid into fine droplets so that mist or an aerosol spray can be created. For that reason, the medicine is easily breathed into the lungs using either a mask or mouthpiece (attached to the device itself).

The nebulizer is a machine that acts in the airways of a child and help in the treatment of diseases like asthma.In fact, doctors recommend the device in other conditions like bronchitis, sinusitis, emphysema and more. Inhalers too are used when there is the need to deliver different asthma medications. However, nebulizer for kids is used and preferred more for its obvious advantages and ease of use.   
Here are some of things you may not know in regard to the use of nebulizers -

  • In medical parlance, nebulization is basically a kind of  breathing technique where medicines are administered using a device for relief    
  • A medicated solution is put into a nebulizer which then gets converted into an aerosol (a mixture of liquid and gas particles)  
  • The device is then used to inhale the aerosol through either the nose or mouth    
  • Depending upon the patient’s health conditions or requirements, either a non-medicated or medicated liquid is used  
  • Nebulizers are of great help in cases where kids suffers with cold or blocked nose and want relief in breathing  
  • Nebulization can moisten the dry mucous membrane or can make the mucous loosen in the nose to clear the airways  
  • With nebulization, the purpose is to dilate the respirator passage of kids and help them breathe easier  
  • Nebulization is a breathing technique or therapy suitable for adults in the same manner as it’s for children or kids    
  • It’s particularly helpful to children with stuffy nose as they are often not able to deal with sputum as the way adults do   
  • Apart from asthma, nebulization is also fir for many other health problems or respiratory problems like, COPD, bronchiolitis and cystic fibrosis  
  • Nebulization is so easy that doctors even recommend it doing at home but only with normal saline and not with any medication, unless prescribed  
  • Nebulization should never be used at home for any other respiratory problems than nasal congestion arising out of normal cold   
  • Nebulization does have zero side effects and it’s in fact safer and more effective than oral medicines  
  • Nebulizers are either battery or power operated devices and their pricing depends on the features you opt for
  • You should buy the one that is compact and easy to operate  
  • It makes sense to buy the device whose accessories are easy and simple to clean  
  • The device doing nebulization should not make too much noise else kids might feel scared of the treatment
  • Never ever use any medicated solutions for nebulization  unless the doctor has asked for the same



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